Any party may be represented by legal counsel, by a REALTOR® (or both) at an ethics hearing, including review, or if a hearing occurs in the party’s absence. PWR has an Ethics Advocate Program which is a sub-committee of the Professional Standards Committee, comprised of REALTORS® who are specially trained to represent parties during the disciplinary process in a timely way without filing a formal complaint. If no agreement is reached, the complainant may then file a formal ethics complaint.

Role of the Ethics Advocate

The role of legal counsel or EA may include preparation for hearing, the preparation of forms and assembly of evidence. Representation at the hearing, includes making opening and closing statements on behalf of the party represented at the hearing, examining and cross examining witnesses, and introducing affidavits, documents and other relevant evidence. Also includes representation at any rehearing or review hearing, but does not include testifying as a witness. Although the EA performs a role similar to legal counsel, the EA is not an attorney and is not allowed to practice law.


Please review the PDF form "How to Obtain the Assistance of an Ethics Advocate". If you are interested and feel you need assistance with the process, please complete the necessary forms.

Submit to PWR or fax to (714) 245-5599.


Obtain an Ethics Advocate
Request for an Ethics Advocate D-23
Ethics Advocate Acceptance D-23A
Communication Preference EA D-23B